Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Andy Main reviewed Miller Brothers Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

Great gym, great instruction.

Maria David Torres reviewed Miller Brothers Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

An exceptional facility with a great training team. It doesn't get better than learning technique from actual competitors and professional coaches. The instructors have the complete attention of the children and make it extremely fun. I highly recommend this facility to any parent looking to find a martial arts class for their kids.

Eddie Bartlett reviewed Miller Brothers Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

My 6 Y/O daughter has only been attending for a few weeks but I have already noticed a huge difference in her demeanor. The instructors were the biggest surprise. Their attention to detail while keeping the younger children engaged is impressive. They have already touched on anti-bullying and are instilling other important character traits which are important for a child's development. I couldn't be happier with the experience so far and I highly recommend Miller Bros to any parent considering sending their children.

Rich Fitter reviewed Miller Brothers Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

Awesome staff that really cares about the students and their families.

Rick Shaub reviewed Miller Brothers Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

Miller Brothers MMA is an excellent place to learn many aspects of martial arts including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, cage work, and wrestling. I have been training here for over a year and learn new things every time I set foot on the mats. The coaches are knowledgeable and effective at teaching at all levels from beginner to pro, and can help you achieve your skill and fitness goals. The gym has a friendly and professional family environment as well as world-class training facilities. Do yourself a favor and try a class today.

Jake Mcdougal reviewed Miller Brothers Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

This place is awesome! I’m not from Jersey and this place made it instantly feel like I was at home. The coaches were awesome very flexible with the students. I even had the chance to train in private classes with coach Jim Fitzpatrick, who is a awesome dude! Highly recommend!

Tricia Mashig reviewed Miller Brothers Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

I’ve been coming here for several months and it’s hands down the best overall workout, mind, body, and soul! The cardio kickboxing classes led by Coach Tyler have helped me focus while building strength and stamina. With the encouragement of all the coaches there, I’ve even built up the confidence to try Women’s BJJ, which has been a challenge, yet so incredibly rewarding for mental and physical ability. The staff and coaches are always so positive and helpful, and the vibe here is constantly upbeat and fun! Love it! Thank you!

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Our latest news & thoughts

The Positive Effects of Martial Arts for a Child in School

Grade school can be quite the experience for any child. It is a place where a child not
only learns academically but one where a child must learn to socialize and function in
the world. Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative experiences that a child may
have when going through school. Whatever those experiences may be, it would be a
good idea to have a child participate in martial arts classes. Doing so will give them
the tools they need to survive the school experience. The benefits associated with
taking martial arts classes are essential for them to be able to have a positive
experience in school.

Helps them earn better grades in school
Getting good grades is reflective of a child’s comprehension of the material. But, it is
also indicative of their discipline and responsibility traits. Through martial arts,
students are to learn the fundamentals of stretch and physical routines. They also
learn to become disciplined with practice and keeping up with their cleanliness of
uniforms. Children learn how to be punctual and can focus their daily thoughts on the
tasks at hand. Thus, being able to exhibit these positive traits will translate to better
grades as schooling requires the proficiency of these characteristics.

Gives them the confidence to stand up to bullies
Bullying is a very prominent and unfortunate experience that many children will
either witness or become victims of in their lifetimes. Being a part of martial arts can
give children the strength and confidence that they need to stand up to these
negative individuals. Not only will they learn about self-defense strategies, they will
be able to feel assertive and courageous. Possessing self-confidence is the number
one way for a child to be able to stand up for him/herself in any threatening
situation. Through martial arts, they will learn that not all conflicts have to be
physical. They will possess the mature mindset to tackle any conflict with assurance
and pride.

Gives them the ability to make friends
Having friends and keeping them can be the big difference between a positive and
negative school experience for children. They will latch onto people who share
common interests with them and feel devastated when those relationships disappear.
However, for children who regularly practice martial arts, they have a different
capacity to make and keep friends in their circle. Besides making friends in the
martial arts classes themselves, children are able to easily socialize and collaborate
with other students at school. They instill a lot of the same discipline and traits they
learn from martial arts in their everyday lives. For instance, they may be first to
initiate a conversation with quiet students because they feel confident in themselves
to do so.

Being a part of something special such as martial arts can be greatly impactful for
children. Especially when it comes to school, children can gain invaluable skills and
behaviors that will allow them to have more successful experiences in social settings.
Although school is meant to teach them about a variety of things, having martial arts
as a supplement can significantly affect the way they approach schooling and their
overall experiences.